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    Dog Raincoat Four-legged Waterproof Pet Supplies Clothes Pet Raincoat

    Dog Raincoat Four-legged Waterproof Pet Supplies Clothes Pet Raincoat


    • Brand: AIDM
    • Size: Four-Legged
    • Type: Waterproof-Raincoat

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    • Characteristics:

    1. Nice and comfortable fabric: The product is made of soft and thin materials similar to those found in windbreakers, is breathable and waterproof, has no odor, and is easy to wear.

    2. Translucent rain hat: The hat’s front portion is composed of a glass brim, which not only keeps the dog’s nose from being soaked, it also improves visibility.

    3. Intimate details: The product’s rear has a waterproof opening, reflective stripes, and pockets, and the four front and back legs are contracted to wrap the body as tightly as possible.



    • Detailed Description:

    1. This item is a waterproof and lightweight dog raincoat that is convenient for dogs to wear.

    2. The product has a hidden button on the abdomen that makes it easy for the dog to pee without splashing. It makes walking the dog in the rain as easy as walking.



    • Specifications:
    • Material: Polyester
    • Colour: Yellow
    • Size: Bust * back length * neck circumference * adapt to weight

    57*29*38*7-10 jin  (S)

    62*35*42*11-14 jin  (M)

    67*37*46*15-18 jin  (L)

    72*40*50*19-23 jin  (XL)

    78*45*55*24-31 jin  (2XL)

    84*48*60*32-40 jin  (3XL)



    • Package Included:

    1* Dog Raincoat



    • Notes:

    1. Due to the differences between monitors, the image does not accurately represent the item’s colour. We promise that the look is identical to what is seen in the images.
    2. Due to manual measuring differences, please compensate for minor size variations.

    • Raincoat for Dogs Four-legged Waterproof Pet Supplies Clothes


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