Code of Conduct (CoC)

Ethics and integrity are our baselines for business. Integrity is the stepping stone for founding Synergy Global Trading Inc. We conduct all our business practices upholding such corporate value. SGT staff specialize in communicating, managing, and marketing products and services that various types of customers require. We aim to do that primarily through official mediums of communication. We stay inside legal boundaries. We abide by the rules. We enforce the highest ethical standards to ourselves with belief, because we believe in fair competition and strive for a good reputation.


Our Code of Conduct is geared towards maintaining and assisting any ethical decision making. Its core principles promote SGT’s way of engaging business which includes:

  • The encouragement of fair, precise, appropriate, and comprehensible disclosure.
  • The encouragement of complying with applicable laws and government regulation.
  • The guaranteed security of SGT legitimate business interests e.g. corporate opportunities, assets, and private information.


Also, this CoC is intended to defend our financial integrity, our employees, client relationships, and our overall public image. All employees are expected to be familiarized with the CoC and abide by these principles.


Conflicts of Interest:


All employees are required to do their job in the best interests of SGT. Also, all employees should avoid conflicts of interest, whether plain or conspicuous, in the performance of their duties and immediately report potential conflicts to their supervisor as soon as there is the possibility that a conflict may occur. Conflicts of interest occur when our personal or financial interests hinder or could obstruct our professional judgment. If one is seeking to resolve any conflicts, they must be disclosed suitably to the appropriate persons for the conflict to be addressed and avoid any awkward situations that may occur for SGT.


Guidelines for conflicts of interest may include but are not limited to: 

  • In the likely situation where conflicts cannot be avoided, please manage any issue with precision.
  • Please actively work with your manager to discuss, document, and manage any conflict that may occur, apparent or real.




At SGT, we only compete ethically, honestly, and fairly with our clients, suppliers, and competitors. Through publicly available and legal sources of information, we seek only to seek information about our clients and competitors. The confidentiality of our competitive information is reserved only to SGT employees that have the proper clearance and not to anyone outside of the company. If an employee gains competitive information from a prior employer, they must not disclose it to SGT or any of its employees if this disclosure breaches confidentiality requirements owed to others.


Work Environment:


All employees are treated equally, respectfully, and with dignity. SGT offers equal employment opportunities without regard to any distinctions based or prohibited grounds of discrimination or harassment which may be included but not limited to:


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Medical condition or disability
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Citizenship
  • Country of origin
  • Other factors


At SGT, we strictly discourage and forbid child labor practices and forced/mandatory labor practices. SGT has a zero-tolerance policy against harassment, including sexual harassment, bullying in the workplace, and discrimination of all, or any forms. SGT also discourages employees from retaliating against an individual who reports what he/she believes, to be such harassment or discrimination within the workplace.


In regards to health and safety, all employees must make decisions on behalf of SGT, which reflects the highest level of commitment to the safety, health, and well-being of other associates. At SGT, the goal for an injury-free, work environment is the sole benefit to all employees and clients. In the likelihood of employees injured on the job, must notify their supervisor immediately and seek critical emergency assistance if considered as an emergency. 


To ensure the safety of all employees as well as their own, all employees are prohibited from working under the influence of any substance that could impair their judgment or undermine the effective and responsible performance of their duties. Medication provided by an employee’s doctor to treat a medical condition is permitted as long it does not undermine the safety of others and the employee’s ability to perform their tasks.




All employees must obey all laws and regulations because within SGT, ethics, and integrity is perceived as an attitude. All business affairs must be based on the core values that SGT represents and is founded upon. In SGT, not only do we follow the letter of the laws but also by the spirit of those regulations. If a conflict between the Code and the law in any jurisdiction occurs, the matter should be addressed to the Legal Department.




All employees are required to learn and comply with privacy laws and regulations. Limit data access to those who need it for a legitimate business purpose. If you learn that the security of any system or device containing personal data or any crucial information has been compromised or used improperly, please notify your manager or HR supervisor immediately. Please be vigilant to sharing personal data with unaffiliated third parties, who lack the appropriate security protections or restrictions on information use. Be mindful of transfers of personal data between countries, while considering applicable legal guidelines.




All employees are prohibited from giving or receiving, directly or indirectly, a bribe in any form. SGT’s stance on bribery is viewed as a benefit or influence opposite to the core principles of integrity and is treated as a violation of the law. All SGT employees must comply with all local anti-corruption and procurement integrity laws in the same regards to all domestic laws such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Acts (USA), the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CA), and any other internal compliance programs correlated to these laws. In the likelihood that there is a request for or an implication that you must provide some payment in exchange for work, please notify SGT Legal Department immediately. 


Unethical Red Flags of Bribery may include but are not limited to: 


  • Family or other associations that could improperly influence the decision of a customer or government official
  • Requests for payments in cash anonymously, or in untraceable funds
  • A commission that is inconsistent with the services provided
  • Inaccurate information provided by the Third Party
  • Any allegations of improper business practices


Please report to your manager or supervisor if you experience any of these red flags.