Chairman Message

What started as a figment of imagination of many months, has now turned into reality. It gives me great honor to introduce to the world a new company formed on the basis of certain core values: integrity, ethics, professionalism, and trust. I introduce to you: Synergy Global Trading Inc. (SGT)

Synergy Global Trading Inc. was established in 2020 with only one purpose: to be the world leader in trading and be the local face of our global partners. Our focus is on domestic reselling. We pride ourselves to be the Gold partners of some of the leading international brands and reputed organizations. We believe that the entire world is open for business if you work together and with good intentions.


Synergy Global Trading Inc. is the focal point for suppliers, traders, and customers alike. We make sure that our team fills the gaps when reaching out to customers and delivering them the right products whenever needed. We strive every day to make sure our partners are happy with choosing us as their business partner, and we provide them with the best support possible.


I invite you to try our products and services or contact us to see how we can help you grow and prosper in today’s extremely challenging work environment. Your partnership and business with us is most gracefully welcome and appreciated. On behalf of the entire SGT team, thank you for believing in us.


MA Rana

Synergy Global Trading Inc. Head Office, 

Maple, Ontario, Canada