Synergy Global Trading Inc. (SGT) prides itself in offering the best best-in-class products and services for all your trading needs. We not only bring the hottest products to the local market, we also move the world by making sure the right products reach the right people at the right time. With several offices and a team of dedicated professionals, we give you the quality services under one roof.

We are specialists in providing trading services from Point A to Point B with ethical and transparent standards of business, ensuring that our customers and suppliers are satisfied.

We have a dedicated storage warehouse in Brampton, Ontario, Canada from where we make sure all products and materials reach their final destination while keeping a strict check on their journey. We also have strategic multiple storage locations throughout the world such as China, Bahrain, Middle East, Malaysia, and the USA.

We are the distributors for many registered suppliers and manufacturers. We are an e-commerce merchant at Amazon, eBay in addition to having our own Shopify platform.


We also provide financial and business planning consultancy services to make sure our customers and clients are aware of the best investment opportunities in Canada and in the region.